"I feel that it is a great privilege to play a part in raising up the next generation of artists and I am incredibly passionate about it."    



I teach guitar, song-writing and a little stage performance for vocalists and I see endless possibilities in unlocking people’s talents.

Our album - 'First Light' - is available to download on iTunes

I’m an accomplished guitarist and I have been writing and recording music for years and am a seasoned live performer. I’ve been leading bands and musicians for more than 20 years and obtain a great deal of satisfaction when passing on my knowledge to younger creative artists.



There has been a bit of a song-writing explosion lately with a few of my pupils writing great songs with me. In response to that, I organised and hosted 2 song-writing workshops which were successful in producing ideas, lyrics and songs from all of those who attended.

I’ve held Possibility Screams showcase events with more lined up. These give my students the chance to play original songs and covers in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

One of my young songwriters - Lori Smith - has had a video featured by Ayrshire Daily News, which has attracted over 150,000 views. She was invited onto STV Glasgow too, which was just an amazing experience.


At present I have 2 residencies where I play regularly and host open-mic nights which gives me a great opportunity to encourage emerging talent and assist them in learning their craft!! 

(Video credit: Martin Bone Photography)