Possibility Screams is thrilled to announce the release of our debut album, ‘First Light’.

Eight students have recorded original tracks to make up the record, which is now available for download on iTunes and on CD.

A donation from the sale of each CD will go to children's charity Cash For Kids.

Check out our Review of the evening together with launch pics

You can read all about our journey in the latest Ayrshire Magazine and listen to teaser tracks from the album on Soundcloud.




·        ‘Neon Paint’ by Charlotte Rutter

·        ‘Song For The Future’ by Michael Crawford (feat. Kieran McGuire on vocals)

·        ‘Unique’ by Emily Rutter

·        ‘Ain’t that Far Away’ by Lori Smith

·        ‘Endless Journey’ by Fraser Maxwell (feat. Kieran McGuire on vocals)

·        ‘Losing You’ by Evie Hughes

·        ‘Holly Blue’ by Shirley Husband (feat. Aimee Penman on vocals)

·        ‘Wasteland’ by Scott Hewitt (feat. Kieran McGuire on vocals)


Scott Hewitt

Scott is a young, passionate musician, keen to experiment and explore all musical genres.

Influenced by current world affairs and drawing inspiration from our varied Scottish landscape, his writing reflects how he sees the world around him.


Michael Crawford

Michael Crawford is a young Ayrshire songwriter, guitarist and bassist. Influenced by Green Day, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Blink-182, All Time Low, Twenty One Pilots and Tonight Alive, Michael's debut single 'Song For The Future' will be available on ITunes from early November. It will also be out in CD format on the album 'First Light'.

At the moment he is working hard on his follow up track, 'The Ballad of Growing Up' and the future looks bright! 


Shirley Husband

Shirley Husband is a freelance writer who lives in Ayrshire with her husband and two children. She wrote the words to 'Holly Blue' one evening when she was inspired by images of a beautiful blue butterfly and a young girl who had never known her father and was struggling with growing up. Shirley writes creative content for small businesses, but loves to tell a good story and also continues to write poetry, short stories and songs.


Lori Smith

Lori Smith is a 12 year old singer/songwriter from South Ayrshire. Having been raised on Northern Soul, Ska, Reggae and Punk it is fair to say she a wide range of music influences which she draws from when writing her songs.

Lori already has 2 original songs released and these are available on ITunes, the first one being written at the tender age of 10 years old. Lori also has a YouTube channel where you can view more of her performances and songs. With the help of her guitar teacher she is currently penning more original songs and is gaining confidence in performing them in different venues across Ayrshire. With Lori having done so much at a young age she is confident that her future looks bright!


Fraser Maxwell

Fraser Maxwell is an up-and-coming young musician who loves playing his guitar and experimenting with new sounds. At the tender age of 11 he began translating his view of the world into song lyrics to create "Endless Journey" amongst other songs. You can enjoy Endless Journey as part of the "First Light" album featuring songs written and performed by similarly gifted and young talents.


 Evie O'Hagan Hughes

Evie O'Hagan Hughes is a young talented singer/songwriter from Prestwick, Ayrshire.

She has been inspired by the late Amy Winehouse and Adele. Similarly her lyrics have come from personal and emotional experiences. Her debut single Losing you will be released on iTunes on 6th November 2016 and be included in Possibility screams album 'First Light'.

She is currently working on her second single 'Fake'. Evie wants people to connect to her lyrics and music! She is current, she has style - a highly motivated young lady with a soulful voice. Her future willbe defined by music.


 Charlotte Rutter

Charlotte Rutter is an enthusiastic young singer, songwriter, piano and guitar player. She enjoys listening to a wide range of music and is continuing to write her own songs. Her debut single ‘Neon Paint’ opens the brand new ‘First Light' album and can be found on iTunes.


Emily Rutter

Emily Rutter is a young singer/songwriter with a passion for music, singing and performing. She has eclectic tastes in music and writes songs relating to her own life and those of people around her and the issues they face. Her voice is amazing and you feel her very soul when she sings.