Lori Smith has moved on from Possibility Screams but I worked with her for about 3 years.

She has released a video for the Track Fighter which is on Youtube. The song is available for download  on all good platforms. Record on repeat is also available for free download. Lori wrote these with Scott Nicol (Possibility Screams).

She is an amazing 14 year-old singer/songwriter from the West Coast of Scotland, with a voice that far belies her tender years, and a song-writing talent to match. Having been raised on Northern Soul, Ska, Reggae and Punk, Lori has a range of influences far beyond most musicians her age.

Lori’s unrelenting enthusiasm for timeless, genuinely great music shines through in all her songs which include I Want to Come Home. She also has a second track Ain’t that far away on the First Light album.

She has also featured on STV and has gained over 150,000 views on a Facebook live video of her busking.

Lori’s story has not gone unnoticed with lush publication in Ayrshire Magazine and local paper The Ayrshire Post both running articles on her, while the Daily Record called her "A rising star”!



Fresh Ayr Live 2017

In 2017 Lori sang at Fresh Ayr Live in Newmarket Street, Ayr, with Emma Durkan on violin and Scott Nicol on guitar and vocals...