Possibility Screams // Unity Grill // 04 October 2019 

The 3rd Possibility Screams event of the year was held at the lovely Unity Grill in Ayr. It was standing room only once again and the enthusiastic crowd were served up a delicious amount of great music.

Catching Fireflies kicked it all off in style with a five song set loaded with wonderful original material, soaring vocals and sweet guitar licks. They debuted their version of  a new cover ‘Rain’ by Breaking Benjamin and it added a new maturity to their fantastic existing set of songs . What a great start to the night.

The next act was the youngest performer of the evening Connor Hunter. He was brilliant, the crowd loved his three song set . One was a new original which went down really,  really well but he blew the place apart with a cover of Johnny Cash’s ‘Folsom Prison Blues’. At only 9 yrs with such boldness, surely his future is wide open .

Ryann Alexander showed a new level of confidence as she stepped up next with her five song set . She kicked it off with the original ‘Steal My Crown’ and just kept going with a great choice of material. She really has a wonderful voice and it was great to hear her speak as well as play some lovely guitar on the original ‘Rising Sun’.

Colin Hyslop strapped his guitar on next and treated the lovely, encouraging crowd to three great songs. He has a strong  voice and loves to sing  but it was good to hear him play some guitar also. He sure tore it up with the last song, ‘Johnny B Goode’.  Colin  always brings lightness and fun to His set.

Next up was Elly Priestnall. She sang three fantastic Country style story songs. I have to say I didn’t know any and it felt like I was hanging on listening to every word. Her voice was sweet and lovely and it  was a great performance from Elly .

Last but certainly not least was Caitlin Taylor. She kicked it off with the fine original song ‘Fire In Me’. Great song to start her six song set .She also  treated the crowd to great covers. They sang along and had a rare time . Most notably for me was  the delightful cover of ‘This Girl’ by Lauren Daigle. She has a great voice and really good stage presence for a young girl.

Ryann Alexander and Catching Fireflies came back up and did one  song each to close a fantastic night of music .To think the average of these performers was approx. 15ys says the future of music is in Good Hands. Thanks to all the amazing performers and everyone who came and supported  and to Unity Grill for having us…

Scott xx

Possibility Screams // Unity Grill // 14 JUNE 2019 

What a fantastic night at Unity Grill Ayr. This was the second time  that I held a Possibility Screams event in this  beautiful venue…

Emily Best kicked it off in some style with a four song set that blew everyone away. From the fast paced opener of the Amy MacDonald cover ‘Slow it down’, right to her tender heartfelt  closer ‘Still saying goodbye’. It was certainly  a powerful start to the evening.

Catching Fireflies took to the stage and showed depth and maturity in both genre of songs and in  playing only original material. They showcased a brand new song ‘The speed of stillness’ with it’s ‘Two door cinema club meets Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ guitar licks and groove. They gave us Blues / Country / Funk and Pop among their song choices  and took no prisoners.

Next up was Rory Turner who showed lovely light guitar work along with great vocals on two covers and held the crowd in the palm of his hand on the original ‘San Francisco’. This is a fantastic song and the crowd just embraced the imagery of  memories of his  USA trip.

Ryann Alexander is just getter stronger and more confident. Her beautiful voice shone through on the rousing cover ‘Riptide’ and her own songs especially ‘The Rising Sun’ which made reference to her excitement of going to Japan this summer. It was a wonderful moment and the crowd just loved her.

Aaron John Robert Hewitt at only 9 years of age played an original song called ‘Riding the bull into the sunset’. He sat and played really well to a packed venue. It was a big moment for the youngster and he was excellent.

Emi V who at only 15 years has played many gigs and was just back from Eden Festival. She played four lovely songs at the piano and it was sweet change from the guitars for a few moments. Emi has a wonderful voice and  is very composed and calm. Her original songs are just brilliant  and she got a great response from the enthusiastic crowd.

Connor Hunter was up next fresh from playing in a football cup Final. Along with Aaron, he is only 9 yrs old and played three great songs. His original ‘Fire‘ was inspired by his first ever gig in this very venue earlier this year. He has great confidence for a young boy and is a star in the making .

It is never easy to be first or sometimes last at these  events and Lucy Hunter had the daunting task of closing the night. She has a sweet voice and gave a brave performance of the intricate song ‘I wouldn’t mind’ by He is We. This was Lucy’s first time singing at a Possibility Screams event and the crowd were with her all the way .

It proved to be a fantastic night and I want to thank all the amazing performers and the staff and owners of Unity Grill for allowing us to come in one more time to put on  this wonderful gig.! Thank you so much to everyone who came and supported this great  event.

Scott Nicol.

Hope for justice event // 18 MAY 2019

What an amazing night at New Life  Prestwick for Hope for Justice. So many great artists took part in what proved to be a spectacular event…

Catching Fireflies kicked it all off in Style with a brilliant blues original track called ‘Lights’. They were backed by a stellar line up consisting of Danny Thomson (drums), Darren Kelly (lead guitar), Sean MacDonald (keyboards) and Ian Matchett (bass). This ‘house band’ were sensational all night. Catching Fireflies also played a magnificent emotive cover of Linkin Park’s ‘One more Light’ which seemed perfect for the evening, made even more special by the great footage on the side screens provided by Gary MacDonald.

There were a few poignant videos scattered throughout the night giving insight into the wonderful work Hope for Justice does in different parts of the world.

NLP took to the stage and lit it up with their cover of  ‘This is Living Now’ led by David Smith. ‘Love soaked heart’ summed up the need of the night and Sean MacDonald blew everyone away with amazing vocals on Hillsong’s fantastic song ‘So will I’. NLP did New Life Prestwick proud on the night.

There has to be a special mention for John Paul Porrelli and his great team on sound and media and the Hope for Justice Abolition group at New Life for making this event a great success.

Scott Nicol and Lorraine Handling with Gary MacDonald on Cajon tore it up with the lively ‘Like the best she’s Fearless’. Bernadette Matytsine  took centre stage as she spoke passionately about her recent involvement with H4J and sang so beautifully the ‘Hope for Justice ‘ single.

Lorraine Handling played her own original piece ‘You are beautiful’ which was a very fitting and tender moment in the evening. Then she tore the place apart with her soaring vocals on the Andra Day cover ‘Rise Up’, the house band were on fire and no wonder she got a standing ovation.

Olivia Campbell was electric on stage with her glorious covers of ‘ The Dog days are over’ by Florence and the Machine and ‘Don’t Kill my vibe’ by Sigrid. Lyrically they suited the mood of the event and she owned the stage and was a powerhouse to watch. She closed with the cry ‘I want to get out of here’ backed by the house band and the crowd  felt the power of the song, Olivia’s vocal delivery and a band on fire.

The song set it up perfectly for Pastor Jim Smith from New Life to welcome the guest speaker and one of the co-founders  of Hope for Justice ‘Tim Nelson’ who held the crowd wonderfully with his stories, statistics and video presentation on the sad reality of modern day slavery, but thankfully how we CAN make a difference.

The Night ended with David Smith and Sean MacDonald doing a sensational version of ‘For King and Country’s’ great song ‘Priceless’. Backed once more by the brilliant  house band and joined at the very end of the song by Olivia Campbell and Lorraine Handling . They brought the curtain down on an incredible night with these amazing words… ’I see you dressed in white , every wrong made right….oh so Priceless’

Download the single ‘Hope for Justice ‘ now at www.scottnicol.us/hope



I was privileged to be asked to provide music for the Earth Hour event on Sat 30th of March in Ayr Central. It was a beautiful day and the setting was almost perfect as glorious sunlight streamed through the windows lighting up the whole venue.

13 year old Emily Best kicked it off in style at midday with a stomping 6 song set of covers and one original. In her second appearance later in the day she treated the crowd to another 2 original songs and they just loved her.

Emi V Sat composed at the piano playing lush covers and a beautiful original piece called Open your eyes. I knew from the opening chords this was going to be a great song. She mixed it up with guitar as well as piano and went down a storm.

Local girl Olivia Campbell brought some friends and fans along to cheer her on as she smashed it up with her power house vocals, deft piano playing and performance. It was wonderful to hear her original material also.

Ryann Alexander lit the place up with her pure pop vocals. She had an interesting and lovely set of covers and sang the original Steal my crown with maturity beyond her years. Everyone just loved her.

All the acts played 2 sets over the day apart from last but not least… Scott Hewitt from Catching Fireflies. Sadly lead singer Kirsty MacLeod couldn’t make it so he drafted me onto vocal duty. It gave Scott and I a chance to play some new originals we have been working on. His guitar technique really shone brightly and his electric wielding axe was a delight and it was a fantastic way to end an amazing day.

4hrs of music later it was all over and the crowds that passed through just loved it. It was great to see local photographer Alistair Mulhearn and Euan Ruddick from ADN in the crowd filming and taking pictures. It was truly a day worth documenting. I am sure we will hear great things from these amazing young artists in the days to come.

Possibility Screams // Unity Grill // 22 Feb 2019

The first Possibility Screams event of 2019 kicked off in style at Unity Grill Ayr on Friday 22nd Feb. It was a spectacular night, standing room only and the people that came were a very enthusiastic crowd. I had eight performers of various ages and all were just brilliant.

Emily Best made a very strong start with three fantastic original songs which blew everyone away. She was so good. Hannah MacDonald treated the crowd to some beautiful guitar work on the original song Don’t Blame yourself and also showcased her lovely voice. Colin Hyslop rocked the place with his version of Johnny B Good. This ‘mature student’ held the crowd with his wit and charm. He is a seasoned singer but this was his first time playing guitar while singing... he smashed it. Next up was Rory Turner playing his first gig at the tender age of 12yrs… he was a natural and showed deft touches on the song Happier and we had everyone clapping along and just loving it.

Olivia Campbell played keyboard and sang three terrific  songs. She has a very powerful voice and it was nice to hear the piano between  all the acoustic guitar music. The youngest singer/guitarist of the night was 9 yr old Connor Hunter. He was magnificent and courageous and the crowd just loved him. Olivia Hay played a three song set and she brought joy to her performances.  We had  everyone singing along to I want it that way. Her closing song was a barnstorming version of Seven. The crowd went wild… Last but certainly not least was Ryann Alexander... like Emily at the start, Ryann closed the show very strongly with a fantastic choice of songs and finished with the original Steal my crown which sent the crowd into the night knowing they had just witnessed great talent and names we could be hearing much more of in the days to come. Thanks to everyone who came and especially to Unity Grill for allowing us to host the gig.

Watch this space for more events in 2019.

Thanks, Scott Nicol, Feb 2019. x


May 13th 2018 was the date for the Possibility Screams Showcase at Studio by Dermalounge in Prestwick. It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon, the doors were open and the music drifted onto the street. The sun shone but the young Artists lit up the venue inside with their unique brilliance. Stephanie Lynch, the owner of Dermalounge kindly allowed us to take over her wonderful salon for this sensational gig.

Lori Smith / Evie O’Hagan Hughes / Catching Fireflies / Hannah and Abigail Thompson-Brooks / Hannah Macdonald / Ryann Alexander were all excellent in their own individual style and performance of covers and original material. Great maturity from these young artists. We had a really good turn out and the crowd were very supportive and enthusiastic. It was also wonderful to have Martin Bone Photography with us and Euan Ruddick from Ayrshire Daily News and also Tamara Campbell from Spin Admin. All filming and taking great shots for promotion. Thanks again to Stephanie Lynch for her generosity and open heart and allowing us to play at Dermalounge and we wish her all the best for the future.

Scott Nicol 14/5/18

Photo credits: Martin Bone Photography and Scott Nicol

Possibility Screams’ First Light’ - CD Launch

Sunday 6th November proved to be a memorable day as the debut CD by ‘Possibility Screams’ was released to an enthusiastic audience at Elliots, Prestwick.

The venue was packed, every artist was incredible and I felt very privileged to be a part of such a successful evening.


Emily Rutter kicked it off in real style with her original piece, We Are Bright”, which contained the brave lyrics, “we are stars of the future”. These words became a prophetic call across the evening as, one by one; we watched these young performers light up the stage. Every artist performed two songs on the night and almost all of these were their own work.

Michael Crawford rocked the house with some great electric guitar licks and we introduced guest vocalist Jeremy Levif, who was sensational as he sang on Michael’s  ‘Song For The Future’.

Charlotte Rutter was sensational with her two songs and her voice was flawless throughout her performance.

Lori Smith has such a powerful voice; she stunned the audience when she took to the stage and sang with calm assurance.

Fraser Maxwell dazzled the crowd with lovely acoustic guitar work, as Jeremy came back up to join him on his second offering, ‘Endless Journey’.

Evie O’Hagan Hughes lit up the room with her two songs and shone particularly brightly as she poured her heart out on ’Losing You’.

Guest vocalist Aimee Penman beautifully sang Shirley Husband’s poignant ballad, ‘Holly Blue’ - it was a real tender moment during the evening.

Aimee also sang for Scott Hewitt and was excellent. Scott showed deft touches on his guitar and alongside another wonderful guest vocalist Marc Evans closed the show with energy and fun on the final album track, ‘Wasteland’.

Special mention must go to Erin McNair, from the band ‘Rubicon’, who played fantastic percussion for the acoustic acts during the evening.

Some of the proceeds from the album sales will go to the wonderful charity ‘Cash for Kids’. It was great to see some of their team having fun.

Thank you to all who came, played, sang and made it a brilliant night to remember!

Scott Nicol, Nov 2016.

You can download the album now from iTunes.

Possibility Screams at Elliots Prestwick // 26 June 2016

Sunday 26th June saw the latest Possibility Screams event unfold in its usual style. The combination of a beautiful location in Elliots, great acoustics, an enthusiastic crowd and incredible young local talent made for a wonderful occasion.  Somehow, the performers seemed more confident which was fantastic to see.

Ayrshire brother and sister group ‘Rubicon’ opened up the show in style. With acoustic guitar, vocals, bass and percussion they are the whole package. They made a fine job of the cover versions that they played, before performing a great rendition of one of their own songs. It was the first time that I had invited them to play and they did not disappoint.

Next, Charlotte Rutter sang four songs with flawless ease and her two original tracks held the audience captive. She has an amazing career ahead of her.

Michael Crawford took to the stage, beginning with an original track, ‘Song For The Future”. The crowd loved his energy and clapped along to his rock and roll style.

Emily Rutter performed next, bringing her usual hush to the room with her heartfelt song ‘Unique”. She went on to play two more of her own songs, accompanied by our resident percussionist for the day, Brian Fleming. Like her sister, Emily’s talent is sure to shine through in the future!

Leo Stack has such a sweet, beautiful voice and he melted hearts with his sensational rendition of ‘Say Something’ and ‘Riptide”. This is another young man to look out for as he has something really special about him.

Evie Hughes sang four songs to acoustic guitar and a percussion accompaniment. She made a bold start with her original song ‘Losing You’, displaying a lovely tone to her voice. Her covers were equally lovely and as she finished with ‘Valerie’, she had the crowd singing and clapping along!


The crowd were great during the gig, really supportive and no less so for Fergus Miller when he rocked them with three original songs and impressed with his solos. They clapped along enthusiastically to almost every note on his hooks, appreciating his originality.

Last, but certainly not least, was Lori Smith who shone and impressed as usual with her vocal range. Lori sang four songs, two of which were original. They sat perfectly with well-known covers showcasing her talent both as a writer and a singer.

It’s worth mentioning that all the performers with Possibility Screams are between the ages of eleven and fifteen years old. It’s truly wonderful to be a part of their journey and see them grow in confidence as they develop their stage presence. I am so excited to see what they do musically in the years to come.

Thanks again to Buzzworks for having us. You can find us next at The Longhouse on Titchfield Street, Kilmarnock at 1:30PM on 24th July – please come along to support us!

Shirley Husband