Possibility Screams // Unity Grill // 22 Feb 2019

The first Possibility Screams event of 2019 kicked off in style at Unity Grill Ayr on Friday 22nd Feb. It was a spectacular night, standing room only and the people that came were a very enthusiastic crowd. I had eight performers of various ages and all were just brilliant.

Emily Best made a very strong start with three fantastic original songs which blew everyone away. She was so good. Hannah MacDonald treated the crowd to some beautiful guitar work on the original song Don’t Blame yourself and also showcased her lovely voice. Colin Hyslop rocked the place with his version of Johnny B Good. This ‘mature student’ held the crowd with his wit and charm. He is a seasoned singer but this was his first time playing guitar while singing... he smashed it. Next up was Rory Turner playing his first gig at the tender age of 12yrs… he was a natural and showed deft touches on the song Happier and we had everyone clapping along and just loving it.

Olivia Campbell played keyboard and sang three terrific  songs. She has a very powerful voice and it was nice to hear the piano between  all the acoustic guitar music. The youngest singer/guitarist of the night was 9 yr old Connor Hunter. He was magnificent and courageous and the crowd just loved him. Olivia Hay played a three song set and she brought joy to her performances.  We had  everyone singing along to I want it that way. Her closing song was a barnstorming version of Seven. The crowd went wild… Last but certainly not least was Ryann Alexander... like Emily at the start, Ryann closed the show very strongly with a fantastic choice of songs and finished with the original Steal my crown which sent the crowd into the night knowing they had just witnessed great talent and names we could be hearing much more of in the days to come. Thanks to everyone who came and especially to Unity Grill for allowing us to host the gig.

Watch this space for more events in 2019.

Thanks, Scott Nicol, Feb 2019. x