Possibility Screams at Elliots Prestwick // 26 June 2016

Sunday 26th June saw the latest Possibility Screams event unfold in its usual style. The combination of a beautiful location in Elliots, great acoustics, an enthusiastic crowd and incredible young local talent made for a wonderful occasion.  Somehow, the performers seemed more confident which was fantastic to see.

Ayrshire brother and sister group ‘Rubicon’ opened up the show in style. With acoustic guitar, vocals, bass and percussion they are the whole package. They made a fine job of the cover versions that they played, before performing a great rendition of one of their own songs. It was the first time that I had invited them to play and they did not disappoint.

Next, Charlotte Rutter sang four songs with flawless ease and her two original tracks held the audience captive. She has an amazing career ahead of her.

Michael Crawford took to the stage, beginning with an original track, ‘Song For The Future”. The crowd loved his energy and clapped along to his rock and roll style.

Emily Rutter performed next, bringing her usual hush to the room with her heartfelt song ‘Unique”. She went on to play two more of her own songs, accompanied by our resident percussionist for the day, Brian Fleming. Like her sister, Emily’s talent is sure to shine through in the future!

Leo Stack has such a sweet, beautiful voice and he melted hearts with his sensational rendition of ‘Say Something’ and ‘Riptide”. This is another young man to look out for as he has something really special about him.

Evie Hughes sang four songs to acoustic guitar and a percussion accompaniment. She made a bold start with her original song ‘Losing You’, displaying a lovely tone to her voice. Her covers were equally lovely and as she finished with ‘Valerie’, she had the crowd singing and clapping along!


The crowd were great during the gig, really supportive and no less so for Fergus Miller when he rocked them with three original songs and impressed with his solos. They clapped along enthusiastically to almost every note on his hooks, appreciating his originality.

Last, but certainly not least, was Lori Smith who shone and impressed as usual with her vocal range. Lori sang four songs, two of which were original. They sat perfectly with well-known covers showcasing her talent both as a writer and a singer.

It’s worth mentioning that all the performers with Possibility Screams are between the ages of eleven and fifteen years old. It’s truly wonderful to be a part of their journey and see them grow in confidence as they develop their stage presence. I am so excited to see what they do musically in the years to come.

Thanks again to Buzzworks for having us. You can find us next at The Longhouse on Titchfield Street, Kilmarnock at 1:30PM on 24th July – please come along to support us!

Shirley Husband