“One of the country's most visible live performers with a seemingly continual stream of gigs… a unique brand of unforgettable showmanship and quality song-writing.”

Lins Honeyman, CrossRhythms

Based out of Prestwick, Ayrshire in Scotland, Scott is a singer/songwriter and performer who is constantly writing original material and seeking new ways to communicate. 

Over the years he has travelled far and wide playing gigs and loves keeping himself busy. 

In addition to his solo music, Scott has a residency hosting Tam O’Shanter Open-Mic' in Ayr Fridays, fortnightly.

Scott's music business, Possibility Screams, keeps him busy teaching guitar and encouraging song-writing, which has resulted in First Light, the debut album from eight of his students which is available on iTunes.

Some of his young singer/songwriters have released singles and an E.P.  





Butterfly - single, Charlotte Rutter feat Unoma Okudo, songwriter Scott Nicol/Eileen Dong (Survivor Story), October 2019

Hope for Justice - single, songwriter Scott Nicol feat Bernadette, March 2019

The High Line - E.P., from Michael Crawford feat. Emily and Charlotte Rutter, songwriters Michael Crawford and Scott Nicol (The Ballad of Growing up, Never Forgotten and Song for the Future), October 2018

Invincible - single from Catching Fireflies, songwriters Scott Hewitt and Scott Nicol, October 2018

Let's not Pretend - single, from Catching Fireflies, feat. Kirsty Macleod, songwriters Scott Nicol and Scott Hewitt, October 2018

Fake - from Evie O'Hagan Hughes, songwriters Scott Nicol and Evie O'Hagan Hughes, February 2018

The Abandoned Highway - single, from Catching Fireflies, songwriters Scott Hewitt and Scott Nicol, August 2017

The Streets - single from Catching Fireflies, songwriters Scott Hewitt and Scott Nicol, August 2017

The Promise of Summer - single, from Limitless, songwriters Campbell Smith and Scott Nicol, June 2017

First Light - 8 track debut album from Possibility Screams, Nov 2016

The City At Night - single (plus acoustic version), April 2016

Changing - 5 track EP, songwriters Scott Nicol/Chloe Marie, Jan 2016

Fly - single, songwriters Scott Nicol/NLP, Dec 2015

I Want To Come Home - single, songwriters Scott Nicol/Lori Smith, Dec 2015

High Velocity - 14 track album, June 2014

The Excitement That You Bring - single/video, June 2013

High Velocity - 10 track demo, March 2013

Romance of American Skies - released by Cinderella & Out of the Box Records, August 2012

The Burning Days - album, July 2012

New York City Summer's Day - single released by Cinderella & Out of the Box Records, July 2012

New York City Summer's Day - video, June 2012

Like the Best She's Fearless - single, 2012

Storm the Winter Palace - with The Limitless Sky, 2011

Luminous - acoustic album, 2011

Possibility Screams - EP, 2009

Alive Again - video, 2009/2010

Stunning Silence - solo studio album, 2005

It's too beautiful - video, 2005


Let Your Dreams Run Wild - live album
Reshaping Eve - production, arrangement and songwriting with Fiona Jane
Accoustic Dynamite - Ten Miles Tall
Sometimes I Dream In Colour - Ten Miles Tall
Unique World - solo album
Lovetown - solo album
Electric For You - Maybe I'm Dreaming
Fresh Evidence - Maybe I'm Dreaming
A Taste of Things To Come - Harvest
Inner Reality - Round About Midnight
Lion of Judah - New Life