I was privileged to be asked to provide music for the Earth Hour event on Sat 30th of March in Ayr Central. It was a beautiful day and the setting was almost perfect as glorious sunlight streamed through the windows lighting up the whole venue.

13 year old Emily Best kicked it off in style at midday with a stomping 6 song set of covers and one original. In her second appearance later in the day she treated the crowd to another 2 original songs and they just loved her.

Emi V Sat composed at the piano playing lush covers and a beautiful original piece called Open your eyes. I knew from the opening chords this was going to be a great song. She mixed it up with guitar as well as piano and went down a storm.

Local girl Olivia Campbell brought some friends and fans along to cheer her on as she smashed it up with her power house vocals, deft piano playing and performance. It was wonderful to hear her original material also.

Ryann Alexander lit the place up with her pure pop vocals. She had an interesting and lovely set of covers and sang the original Steal my crown with maturity beyond her years. Everyone just loved her.

All the acts played 2 sets over the day apart from last but not least… Scott Hewitt from Catching Fireflies. Sadly lead singer Kirsty MacLeod couldn’t make it so he drafted me onto vocal duty. It gave Scott and I a chance to play some new originals we have been working on. His guitar technique really shone brightly and his electric wielding axe was a delight and it was a fantastic way to end an amazing day.

4hrs of music later it was all over and the crowds that passed through just loved it. It was great to see local photographer Alistair Mulhearn and Euan Ruddick from ADN in the crowd filming and taking pictures. It was truly a day worth documenting. I am sure we will hear great things from these amazing young artists in the days to come. 

Scott x

March 2019

March 2019 has already been an incredible month for me. The single Hope for Justice came out on the 4th feat Bernadette. Please go to www.scottnicol.us/hope for all the info.

From the 7th-18th I had the privilege of being in Houston TX. I met fantastic people, sang in amazing Churches, played 4 prisons, 1 jail, a Facebook livestream, 1 radio station, at a friend’s party and I even played in a large Medical centre. I also had time with Super Producer TBerry (Beyonce, JLo etc), which was just great. playing one song acoustically and songs from young acts that I work with. My highlight was The Carol Young Women’s Prison in Dickinson. It was just a wonderful experience that is quite hard to put into words. Wow!! I also promoted the single Hope for Justice where I could.

I was so honoured to play the new single at the large Hope for Justice Conference in Manchester 22/23rd. They do amazing work in different countries around the world rescuing victims of human trafficking. We are hosting a large fundraising event for them in New Life Church Prestwick on 18th May - more details to follow on that one.

March 30th will be a great day also with some on my young artists playing at Earth Hour Ayr Central from 11am.

No doubt the rest of 2019 will be a great adventure. Scott x


Hi everyone, please download the track… find links to iTunes / Spotify / Google Play/ Tidal. Also bio about the song, lyrics and teaser track.Share like crazy as all proceeds go to the amazing charity 'Hope for Justice'.

Thank you very much for all your support… I head to the USA this week to play in Houston TX… Exicting times indeed. #blessedbeyond

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The first Possibility Screams event of 2019 kicked off in style at Unity Grill Ayr on Friday 22nd Feb. It was a spectacular night, standing room only…


I was so honoured to play at the book launch for Raincoats and Sunglasses by the amazing author Caroline Johnston at the end of January at Blend Paisley. It was a fun night, it was sold out and the audience were very enthusiastic. I am also in the book!!! Thank you Caroline… now I am forever immortalised!

Among the many gigs that I regularly play I must say I am really excited about the first Possibility Screams event of 2019 at Unity Grill in Ayr on Friday 22nd Feb at 7pm. We have such a varied selection of amazing artists playing… Olivia Campbell / Emily Best / Ryann Alexander / Fiona Young / Colin Hyslop / Rory Turner / Connor Hunter / Olivia Hay / Hannah MacDonald (more tbc). This will be a great night not to be missed.

I am Playing in Houston TX in March this year and am finalising my itinerary at the moment which will be available here soon. I am looking forward to seeing my friends and making new ones during the trip. The single Hope for Justice should be ready for download by the beginning of March. I hope it helps the organisation Hope for Justice in the great work they already do.

No doubt I will hit the ground running again when I come back from the USA.

See you soon…

Scott xx


2019 has been a great adventure already and it is just getting started!! Fantastic gigs from the beginning of the year.

We had a wonderful video/photo shoot for the forthcoming single Hope for Justice!! The song features Alexander Bee, Jamie Clark and Lorraine Handling. Video filmed by Gary MacDonald.

I am so excited to be playing at the book launch for Raincoats and Sunglasses by the amazing author Caroline Johnston at the end of January. It is the first time I have ever been a character in a book...thank you Caroline x

I am also preparing for the first Possibility Screams gig of 2019 at Costa Coffee Prestwick on the 22nd Feb at 7pm.

Oh and I will be playing in Houston TX in March...

Thanks for the love..check in with y’all soon xx