Michael has finished recording his debut EP The High Line. The EP contains five amazing songs plus one acoustic version. We hope you can make it to the launch night for The High Line at Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine on Sunday 21st October, 6.30pm, when Michael will be playing a live set along with Emily Rutter and support from Ewan McAuley and Lori Smith. 

The track The Ballad of Growing Up features Emily Rutter on vocals. The song lulls you into a false sense of security with its lush guitar opening which is quickly shattered by an angst driven Red Hot Chilli Peppers meets Alanis Morissette assault on the senses. 

It feels like this combo was transported in time to fit 2018’s music market. The duo have recorded another beautiful song Never Forgotten which has such heartfelt lyrics set to a pounding rock beat. They have also recorded a sublime acoustic version of this song.

Emily’s sister Charlotte features as vocalist for the other 3 songs. Memories, You and Me and Song for the Future. Michael’s guitar playing and song writing skills really shine on this wonderful EP while Charlotte’s vocals add a mature tone that belies her age. She sounds soulful and inhabits the songs and brings a warmth and depth to the recording.

Michael recently played the fantastic Minstrels and Mayhem 2018 event and also Prestfest with guest vocalist, singer/song writer Ewan McAuley.

Michael's debut single, Song For The Future is available on iTunes and in CD format on the album First Light, a compilation album (also feat Emily and Charlotte Rutter) by Possibility Screams. Michael wrote and arranged Memories and You and Me and co-wrote the other songs with Scott Nicol (Possibility Screams).